Jasper Marine works together with long established industry proffesionals who specialize in marine engineering, and boat design. We have refined proven designs with a high degree of craftsmanship and customizability in order to produce a boat that is built for you. Together with our fantastic partners we are able to offer high performance, custom-built, top quality aluminum vessels to meet all of your boating needs.


Proudly built on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia

THE JASPER MARINE DEFENDER 22 is a remarkable vessel that seamlessly combines durability, versatility, and outstanding performance. Tailored for those craving adventure on the water, this boat boasts a spacious and comfortable layout without compromising functionality. With a generous usable length of 22′, the Defender 22 is the ideal size for a variety of water activities.

Custom Built to Order

Jasper Marine tailors each boat to the needs of the customer. Choose from endless possibilities of finishes, colors and accessories to make your boat perfect for your needs.

Premium Finishing

Jasper Marine boats boast premium finishing with meticulous attention to detail. The sleek exteriors, elegant interiors, and top-notch materials create a luxurious and high-quality appearance. From the weld quality and metal craftsmanship to the stylish upholstery and trim, every aspect is finished to perfection. The fit and finish of the interior, polished stainless steel hardware, and carefully selected fixtures further enhance the premium finishing. Jasper Marine boats stand out in the industry with their impressive attention to detail and superior finishing.

Durable Marine Grade Aluminium

Marine grade aluminum is the perfect material for boat construction due to its exceptional durability, resistance to corrosion, lightweight strength, UV resistance, and environmental sustainability. It offers a combination of benefits such as reduced maintenance costs, improved performance, increased carrying capacity, and overall durability. Jasper Marine has dealt with the thermal and acoustic drawbacks of aluminum through industry leading temperature insulating and sound isolating techniques. This creates an exceptional combination of luxury and ruggedness.

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