Jasper Vermeulen is the passionate founder behind Jasper Marine Boats. With a deep love for boats and the ocean, Jasper has dedicated his life to creating top-quality marine vessels in aluminum. He strives to lead the aluminum boat industry in design and innovation.

Jasper’s upbringing in the pacific northwest had him immersed in the world of boats and the ocean, fostering a deep and abiding love for both. Growing up in a coastal community, Jasper was surrounded by the sights, sounds, and smells of the sea. From a young age, he spent countless hours exploring shorelines, learning about different types of boats, and developing a fascination with their design. After an initial career in high-end, custom stainless kitchen manufacturing and later as a certified “A” level welder in the Canadian oil industry, Jasper missed the ocean. Early exposure to the maritime world ignited a lifelong passion within Jasper and set the stage for his remarkable journey in the boat manufacturing industry. 

 Jasper’s 2 years work experience at Q-West Boats, a renowned company in New Zealand and a leader in the aluminum boat industry, has played a significant role in shaping his expertise in boat manufacturing. Exposure to manufacturing boats up to 120ft, designed for rigorous service in commercial open ocean settings, along with the high-quality standards set by Q-West Boat Builders, has greatly influenced the approach and commitment to excellence that Jasper brings to Jasper Marine Boats Ltd. 

The Vision

The vision behind the establishment of Jasper Marine Boats Ltd. was to provide not only robust welded aluminum boats built to a commercial standard, but also boats with exceptional performance that are visually stunning. These qualities were not combined in the Canadian aluminum boat industry at that time. As a passionate boating enthusiast, Jasper wanted to create a company that would offer boats of exceptional quality and craftsmanship. His vision was to go beyond the ordinary and set a new standard for excellence in the aluminum boating industry. He wanted to combine his love for boats with his entrepreneurial spirit to create a brand that would be synonymous with innovation, luxury, and customer satisfaction. The importance of innovation, design and high-quality standards will always remain essential to the essence of Jasper Marine Boats.

highest standards of excellence

By personally overseeing the design and production processes, Jasper ensures that every boat produced by Jasper Marine Boats Ltd. meets the highest standards of excellence.

 The company is committed to using the finest materials, employing skilled craftsmen, and implementing cutting-edge technologies to create boats that exceed customer expectations. 

The ultimate goal is to provide boating enthusiasts with an unforgettable experience on the water. Jasper believes that purchasing a boat is not just about acquiring a vessel. It’s about creating lifelong memories and a connection with friends, family and nature. Through Jasper’s vision and dedication to excellence, Jasper Marine Boats Ltd. has become a trusted name in the boating industry, known for its commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation.

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